The most important thing about BBQ you might not know.

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BBQ does not come in a bottle. BBQ sauce, does come in a bottle.
Most of the US knows this but our corner of the world has little barbecue tradition to rely on so marketers have conveniently sold us on the notion that barbecue is just a flavoring you can douse over any food, pretty much.

Fortunately, many know that barbecue is a method of cooking. Heat, meat, wood, smoke are wonderful elements to be combined and if you don’t achieve your desired results, hey, there is always bbq sauce to slather on.

Are you the envy of the family picnic with your bbq chicken? Is your burger a legend in your neighborhood? Prove your skills at Victory Brewing Company’s BrewBQ to be held August 8th at Twin Brook Winery. BrewBQ will host Grill Master and Pit Master Competitions that will be judged by the Mid Atlantic Barbeque Association. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best in each category. Click here for the application and the complete rules. Registration closes July 31st.

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Cash prizes will be awarded for first through fourth place in each category (kebob, burger, chicken & ribs).

Prizes are:

First – $250 (and of course bragging rights which are priceless)

Second – $125

Third – $75

Fourth – $50

Download the entrance PDF here (Warning this is no joke, when we say it’s a competition we mean it’s war where people will probably be wearing camo and or various forms of skull patterns. Hope you can make it).

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