Victory Beer on Ice? American Craft Beer Invades Canada.


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An American invasion force hit Toronto this week and we could be feeling the effects for years to come. The weapons of choice weren’t bombs, missiles or bullets. These invaders came with pilsners, India pale ales and Belgian ales. The Brewers Association (the trade organization for American craft breweries) held a beer and food pairing dinner Monday at Beerbistro restaurant with representatives from five U.S. breweries.  –

Yes, that’s right: Victory in Canada. Sounds like a war time propoganda poster but it’s actually the result of an international partnership that Victory Brewing is proud to be apart of. The LCBO invited us to be apart of a ground breaking program to bring American Craft Beer into Canada, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the past American Beers have been seen as a threat to the local brewing scene in Canada but times have changed and minds are opening to experiencing the unique flavors and styles of our beers.

While the U.S. brewers are gunning for some market share, they’re not trying to destroy the Ontario craft-brewing scene.

“It’s not like we’re looking at it as if we must crush the competition,” says Covaleski.

“We’re looking to see what the marketplace could use. If at some point down the road, someone in Ontario starts making things that are equivalent, so be it.

Not that Ontario brewers are quaking in their boots, says Gary McMullen, chairman of the Ontario Craft Brewers.

“I think it’s great more American breweries are coming up here. I look at it as a vote of confidence that this is a good market for craft beer,” says McMullen, who also president of Lakes of Muskoka Brewery.

“We look forward to meeting them on the ice.”



One Response to Victory Beer on Ice? American Craft Beer Invades Canada.

  1. Lupulinfairy November 4, 2009 at 9:22 PM #

    Oh thank goodness. I love Canada but it’s a beer desert up there! I truly hope craft brewing catches on. Maybe in 5 years we’ll be sampling some tasty delights from our newly microbrew-savvy neighbors to the North!

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