Collaboration is King: Victory Village

In case you missed it, we hosted a Tweetup here at Victory on December 28. The event was a fascinating exchange of ideas and wisdom ignited by creative souls who come to give, not take.

The event brought out some heavy Twitter mavens (see below). All of this creative giving is really having a positive impact on the way some of us do business as business opportunities blossom from excited discourse. A perfect example would be our re-introduction that night to the great folks of One Village Coffee in nearby Souderton, PA.

Their coffees have truly impressed our palates since we first met them this summer, and, imagine this, they are fans of Victory beer! Now, with no disrespect for water intended, the two primary liquids of life to we brewers of Victory are beer and coffee. So, on that night a loose, but exciting plan was hatched. We’ll tell you more on this video…

Thanks again to everyone who came out, it just goes to show you what can happen when you put a bunch of smart (and good looking) people in a room. (apologies in advance if we miss your name)

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2 Responses to Collaboration is King: Victory Village

  1. Ryan Enoch January 8, 2010 at 10:03 PM #

    Two things I love, One Village Coffee and Victory Beer. Can’t wait for this one!

  2. Bekah Buttons January 14, 2010 at 2:12 AM #

    Hey! It’s Mr. Woody!

    Collaboration rules

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