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Music has always been important part of life for Ron and I. I recall that we tried to pull of The Beatles as our last trick-or-treat Halloween with pals Jim and Brad way back in ’74. Heck, all of them were still alive then! But our own dreams of rock stardom took a body shot the day Ron’s dad arrived home from work and marched down the basement to witness us torturing noise from electric guitars as he proclaimed “so if you can’t play well… play loud?!?” Ron still plays, but I just marvel at other peoples’ musical talents now. Our first concert together was Ted Nugent at The Spectrum in Philly!

In late March I was fortunate enough to see 85 year old jazz icon Roy Haynes who has drummed for John Coltrane, Miles Davis and guitarist Pat Metheny. Have my musical tastes changed that much? No, actually, it’s more evolution and the recognition that there is a wide world of sound out there to create and enhance any mood. So, music is kind of like craft beer. Full of character and diversity. Mindful of this, we at Victory have created Vee Note as an initiative to share musical experiences with you. Where we chose to start is with radio channels on Pandora that match, in our opinion, the characters and experience of Golden Monkey and HopDevil Ale.

Check them out!

We hope to hear from you on these channels. We want your input and insights as music is always best when shared, debated and enjoyed collectively.

In fact . . . 

Now that our great spring and summer seasonal, Whirlwind Witbier, has been released, we see this as a great opportunity to start a new station . . . together!


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