Introducing Saison du BUFF: Stone Dogfish Head and Victory Collaboration

If you haven’t heard, the collaboration of epic proportions between Victory, Dogfish Head and Stone Breweries has finally been unleashed on the un-expecting world . . . and we apologize for nothing. Saison du BUFF was imagined many moons ago when Greg Koch, Sam Calgione and Bill Covaleski attempted to incite a little controversy in an ultimately doomed media stunt in the liquor aisle of a grocery store in an attempt to bring attention to Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor. Though they didn’t score the media storm they had envisioned they did manage to plant the seeds for something with a little more taste . . . for all of us. The following is a sneak peak at the special note Bill Covaleski printed on the back of the bottle for his version of Saison du BUFF:

BUFF is how we think, how we act, and who we are . . .  Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor! Herbs in our Brew? Impossible where I trained in Germany! But America has granted our breweries the amazing opportunity to create inspired ales an we seized that opportunity with gusto in making this collaborative Ale. Knowing the season this was to be enjoyed, we went for refreshment. Being BUFF we add the challenge of unique flavor and landed in a style that offers ample latitude for both goals; Saison. This decision made our task all the more challenging to bring something new to the proverbial table. In discussion we all remarked how much we liked sage and the idea of herbs cascaded out of the conversation. Picking Rosemary, milling in wheat malt and and dosing the herbs, we three have had more than people are used to with clothing still on. Leave yours and your preconceived notion on Ale behind and be BUFF with us!

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One Response to Introducing Saison du BUFF: Stone Dogfish Head and Victory Collaboration

  1. Ales to Lagers May 11, 2010 at 8:35 PM #

    I just love these collaborations! Keep up the great work!

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