Victory founders named ‘The Founding Fathers of Philly Beer’

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Photograph by Ryan Donnell

Before there was Victory, there was an education. In 1987, Ron and Bill traveled to Germany and Belgium. “The trip opened our eyes,” explains Bill. “It wasn’t just the flavor of the beer, but the culture. It was a time in America when Nancy Reagan was telling everyone to ‘Just Say No.’ We saw how quality beer was supporting towns and neighborhoods in Europe. We saw that as a model we wanted to be a part of.”- Philly Magazine

The last couple weeks have been noteworthy in Philadelphia’s journalistic history. First, the daily Philadelphia Inquirer and it’s sister publication, the Daily News, were sold at auction. Yes, I said auction, as in massive debt, doubt and distress. The bidders found value in the paper during the auction, which is an encouraging sign for its future.

But let’s get on to the good stuff. Philadelphia Magazine wrote an insightful 6 page article on Philly’s beer seen peppered with such Philly-sense bravado as “Coors Light… never have to drink that swill again.” Now, I have, in my moments, remarked that, since I’m not a 60 yr. old. divorcee from Marlton, NJ, what has Philly Mag. got for me? Well, Philly Mag. has really been evolving and this sincere embrace of Philly’s craft beer culture signals its relevance to so many of US, whoever we are. The content they are creating has real value. So I would strongly recommend that you plunk down the $4.99 and buy this May issue of the magazine so you can connect such pearls of wisdom as “I love this. Who else gets Victory and a cheese plate at meetings” with which Philly beer luminary spoke such wisdom. Your investment will not only keep their independent voice independent of vulture auction scavengers, but will also provide you with a great read that will give you ammunition when your doctor tells you to cut back on the beer. “But, Doc, we live in the nation’s BEST beer town!”

Bottom’s up,

Bill Covaleski

Co-Founder and Brewer

Victory Brewing Co.

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  1. Glass Bottles May 17, 2010 at 2:54 PM #

    Congrats! What an honor!

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