Wine Enthusiast picks two Victory beers for Top Ten Beers of July.


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Wine enthusiast is showing some love for Sunrise and Whirlwind this past week. How cool is it that two Victory beers made the Top Ten Beers of July list? Yep, that’s right . . . pretty cool.

Summer brews are perfect remedies to such sweltering days. They are not a specific style, though there are more typical offerings for the season such as wheat beers, fruit beers and pale ales, among others. Frequently lighter in color, vibrant on the palate and immensely refreshing, they are just the thing to have on hand to unwind after a long, hot day.

So here’s to summer, all of its beautiful beer bounty, and taking the time to enjoy a nice cold one. Prost!

(90) Victory Sunrise Weissbier (Hefeweizen; Victory Brewing Co., PA); 5.4% abv; $10/6 pack. True to its hefeweizen origins with all-German malts, hops and yeast. Pours a slightly hazy pale straw color with assertive, almost violent-looking carbonation. A large, frothy head forms, then falls like soap bubbles in the sink, popping and fizzing out all over. The nose offers aromas of orange citrus, wheat, sweet spice plus soft, barely ripe banana and green apple. The mouth is full and strongly carbonated, with notes of tangy orange essence, wheat, dried grass and a soft presence of hop on the back of the finish. A touch dry on the end but very refreshing and enjoyable. Approximately 5,000 cases produced; available June–August.

(88) Victory Whirlwind Witbier (Witbier; Victory Brewing Co., PA); 5.0% abv, $10/6 pack. With approximately 10,000 cases produced, this summer seasonal should be readily available from April through August. Its color is hazy golden yellow with a large, airy head that
falls fast and leaves no lacing. Soft aromas are of lemon zest, grain and a touch of sweet spice, especially clove. The mouth is light and highly infused with citrus while notes of yeast and faint floral hops dance in the background. Fairly assertive carbonation and a light profile make this a very refreshing and easy-to-drink summer brew. Light and short with a crisp, clean finish; great for hot days at the pool and for pairing with heavier bbq

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