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Respect The Golden Monkey Beer
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As Many of you know, in August we launched the ‘Seriously . . . Respect The Monkey’ story competition for fans of Golden Monkey. The idea was inspired by the countless Monday morning voice messages we’ve collected over the years here in the Victory offices from exuberant fans sharing their incredible stories of what happens when you spend a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night with our mystical anthropoid beer. With that kind of preparation you would think that when we opened up the competition for submissions we couldn’t be that surprised. Boy, were we wrong.

Check Out the ‘Respect The Monkey’ Submissions for Yourself

Entries ranged in style and substance from Hunter S. Thompson absurdity ( we’re looking at you Raymond ) and minimalistic literalism ( William Williams would be proud Tim) to the the just plain hilarious (see the winners below). When all the votes were tallied three stories separated themselves from the pack as especially ridiculous and fun.

In third place Joe explains why Golden Monkey is not your everyday beer pong beer. Check out his story, Monkey Pong.

Second place featured Andrew and his ‘inspired’ missive on the metaphysical tenants of drinking Golden Monkey. We especially liked his first theme, “Golden Monkey makes pants less comfortable”. Read Andrew’s great observations in Gone Dancing With The Monkey.

And first place, well, we’ll just let it Paul’s winning entry speak for itself:

Back in February 2006, three of my friends and I were heading out to Pittsburgh from Philly.  On the way to western PA, we stopped at the Victory Brewpub and picked up a couple of growlers of the Golden Monkey.  Once we settled in at the hotel, we realized that it was time to pop open the growlers and taste the sweet nectar within.  Two of my friends (a couple that had been dating for about a year) were relatively new to craft beers.  I warned them that this is NOT their routine light beer and that they must “RESPECT THE MONKEY”.  This warning was repeated a few times – “Hey, dude – remember – the Monkey demands respect”.  The very happy couple (even more so after a couple of pours of the Monkey) decided to turn in for the evening and disbanded the group with the remaining 1/2-empty growler in tow….  Fast forward nine months and a beautiful baby girl was born!!  As a gift to celebrate, I gave my good friend an infant size Golden Monkey Onesie and a 750-ml bottle of his arch-nemesis – the Golden Monkey!

Congrats to all our winners and and everyone who submitted their Golden Monkey adventures. Our lives are all a litte richer and happier becuase you shared. Feel free to send them anytime and we’ll be sure to share them with everyone. Oh . . . one last thing . . . Seriously, respect the monkey!

2 Responses to Seriously . . . Respect The Monkey

  1. TomLadd January 14, 2012 at 12:11 PM #

    The Golden Monkey took me on Thursday night. I lost the struggle to this jovial primate. It was so much fun I introduced all of my friends to the Monkey. One hell of a scene! Keys were passed to wives, men were weak in the knees, many a cheer was made! The Golden Monkey is now my secret good times pal who inspires all it encounters. Respect the Monkey

  2. Chris OBrien April 30, 2012 at 5:50 PM #

    I picked up my high school buddy at the airport and we headed to the mountians with our backpacks. He demanded that we stop in to the local beer store to pick up some Golden Monkey and at first I thought him slightly insane. He would have his Monkey come hell or high water, and I had not sampled its goodness yet so I gave in and we found it after a search.

    Well, after a mild injury put us down to camp for the night, he produced the Monkey and instructed me to consume. I remember when opening the third bottle, I looked around at the mountains from our desolate camp, then looked at the bottle, then the mountians, then the bottle, and began to realize that there was something quite special about this beer.

    We began to leap about and act like animals for a bit as if we were little kids 30 years younger. I then spoke, “Dude, what do they put in this beer?”

    He grinned at me and replied, “Respect the Monkey.”

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