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Back in February, in honor of our 15-year anniversary, we added a delicious new beer to our lineup: Headwaters Pale Ale. Since then, many of you have enjoyed the crisp flavor and herbal hop complexity found in the brew. With each sip of our latest masterpiece, you have also been helping to improve and protect local watersheds.

Your purchase (and ultimately your consumption) of Headwaters Pale Ale allows us to provide funding for Victory’s Headwaters Grant.

For fifteen years, we here at Victory Brewing Company have been brewing beers with the finest ingredients available. One key ingredient, which often gets overshadowed by our German malt and whole flower hops, is water.

Bill and Ron chose Downingtown, Pa. as the home of Victory because of its proximity to the pure water flowing from the east branch of the Brandywine Creek. That fresh, clean water has undoubtedly contributed to the success we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Our appreciation of great beer, coupled with our appreciation of clean water, inspired us to create the Headwaters Grant. The grant is our way to give back to the groups that protect the delicate Brandywine Watershed. In the coming weeks we will be announcing the recipient of the first-ever Headwaters Grant. Then, as the popularity of Headwaters Pale Ale grows, we will be expanding the grant program to support watershed advocacy groups across the country.

Victory will donate 1 cent for every bottle of Headwaters sold. Once we announce the recipient of the grant, we will send them the first of many donation checks for the year. In just three months, local sales alone have allowed us to donate $2500 with our first grant.

Headwaters is our fastest growing brand, and as the popularity of this unique beer increases, so will the size of the grants we award nationwide.

Stay tuned to the blog to hear who will be awarded the first of many Headwaters Grants. Happy Earth Day.

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Victory President, Bill Covaleski, poses next to the Brandywine River.

– K.N.

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  1. SunPower Builders June 10, 2011 at 1:01 PM #

    Bravo Victory! We cheers to you and your efforts towards the environment!

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