Keepin’ My Day Job

By Victory founder and president, Bill Covaleski (aka B. Covasizzle)

I’ve decided to keep my day job and put my dreams of an acting career on the shelf. As you’ll see from my cameo appearance in The Hopp Mobb’s film “Beerhind The Music,” my abandonment of Hollywood poses no great cultural impact.

Life will go on. Brad Pitt will continue to get my roles.

What can I do when callous editors remove my sophomoric humor? If I can’t perform as the true artist I am, then I won’t perform at all.

Filmmakers/writers/hip-hop artists who may be ready to leave the 9-to-5 behind are Brian Moore (aka MC Wort Chilla), Erik Mitchell (aka DJ Lightstruck) and Robert Desjardin (aka Terminator X-tract) of The Hopp Mobb. Their film, “Beerhind The Music: The Hopp Mobb,” won second place in the 2011 Dogfish Head Off-Centered Film Fest. Their CD, “Fermentation Nation” is out, chock full of ridiculously playful, beer-inspired hip-hop tunes like “My Yeast Can’t Eat No Mo.”

Sure, their inspiration is the almighty Pain Relievaz, the original beer-geek hip-hop band fronted by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. But they honor their predecessors with new creativity, bringing more to this criminally overlooked genre of music. The Hopp Mobb should have big-time aspirations well beyond the realities they document in songs like “No Sleep ‘Til Milton.”

Fortunately, Dogfish Head Brewer Bryan Selders, more famously known as D.J. Little Guy (who with partner Funkmaster I.B.U., Sam Calagione, makes up the Pain Relievaz) did quit his day job. When I met him long ago, he was working in a library at Temple University.

Folks raved about Bryan’s home-brewing prowess back then and, sure enough, Bryan showed up at plenty of Victory events full of enthusiasm, delicious homebrews in tow. I was happy for him when I heard he landed a job at Dogfish nine years ago, giving me a fellow Tyler School of Art alum in the brewing business.

I hear that he’s jumped ship again, moving from brewing to graphic design in recent months. Oh, those restless artists!

Well, I certainly wish Bryan well in his new endeavors. I almost feel now that it was divine intervention and not a callous editor that clipped my bit in “Beerhind The Music” so that the world might not know that I finished my line with “… the ladies done told me why they call you Little Guy…”

Fare thee well, Little Guy, I’m sure you still have some big things ahead of you!

I leave you with “Pinchin’ Pennies” by The Pain Relievaz (aka Sam Calagione and Bryan Selders of Dogfish Head), directed by Paul Kermizian:

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