The Circle of Life

If you’ve spent any time on our website, you’ve likely noticed our passion for sustainable business and our dedication to our local community.

Those two passions come together in many aspects of our business. One in particular, where the spent grain from our brewing process becomes food for local livestock, and later, food for our restaurant guests. That’s Victory’s version of the circle of life. (Cue: Disney theme song now).

As part of the brewing process, we generate a whopping 25,000 pounds of spent grain for every 24 hours we brew. Spent grain consists mainly of the barley husks that remain after we’ve extract the simple sugar from the malt during the lauter process. We retain the liquid sugar, known as wort, and then toss in some whole flower hops, add yeast, and let it ferment until it becomes one of the beers you know and love.

While we enjoy the various HopDevils, Primas and Monkeys (oh my!) that are produced from the malted barley, local livestock chow down on the sweet, oatmeal-like spent grain as part of their dinner. In fact, we’ve been told that our flavorful grain is responsible for turning some of the cows into food snobs. After tasting Victory, no other feed meets their standards. Sound familiar?

Local farmers like Nelson Beam make this circle of life possible.  He comes to the brewery four times per week, empties our silo of the spent grain, and helps us make room for the next batch.

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We visited with Nelson’s kids at a recent 4-H Livestock auction where we
bid on one of their hogs. Back in the office, we secretly named the piggy “Scrapple.”

The process comes full circle when we buy Nelson’s meat and serve it in our brewpub.

It’s the Circle of Life. And it moves us all…

– K.N.

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  1. Michael Leu January 13, 2012 at 11:13 AM #

    I love your Golden Monkey Brew! If you could only make bacon come with a 6 pack that would be amazing.

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