Carving out the Rules

We get pretty excited about the Inspired by Victory contests here at the Victory offices. So when the first entry in the pumpkin carving contest came in last week, a group of us gathered ’round the computer and waited with baited breath while the photos from a Victory fan named Josh loaded. Would it be the Victory V? Horace Hop Wallop? The HopDevil? Bill’s face?


Now, while we can all agree that is a pretty awesome Jack-O-Lantern, and it might in fact be what happens to Josh when he can’t get a Golden Monkey, the pumpkin unfortunately doesn’t follow the rules. (Rule number one being, it must feature a Victory logo, slogan or brand image. But while we’re in parentheticals here, can we take a moment and think about what the mini pumpkin is supposed to represent, if the large pumpkin is Josh when he can’t get Golden Monkey? Josh, we hope you’re not eating small pumpkins. Or small people for that matter, since that is a cannibal pumpkin.)

We did really like Josh’s pumpkin, and decided to use said gourd to illustrate and amend some of the contest rules.

Rule number 1: Your pumpkin must feature an image of a Victory logo, slogan, brand or brand character.

Addendum: It can also feature the face of one of the Victory co-founders, either Bill or Ron, but you have to actually carve their faces on the pumpkin.

Rule number 4: The pumpkin must be carved. Painted pumpkins don’t count. Neither do foam or craft pumpkins. It has to be a real pumpkin, like the kind you would find growing in a field.

Addendum: Tattooed pumpkins that are also carved are acceptable, as long as the carver has a matching tattoo. Photographic proof will be required.

Rule number 7: Cutting off the top of the pumpkin and filling it with beer also does not count. Please don’t do that. Victory beer does not want to be consumed from a pumpkin, it wants to be consumed from a glass.

Addendum: It’s cool if your pumpkin actually drinks the beer.

UPDATED: Get carving out there, we want to see more Victory pumpkins! Remember, check out the rules, carve it up and e-mail a photo to by Monday, Oct. 17. We’ll post the photos on Tuesday, Oct. 18 and announce the winner on Halloween.


 – K.H.

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