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And now, it’s time for us to answer some of the great questions that come to us from you, our loyal fans. Keep those questions coming! E-mail with your Victory questions, and we will answer them here on the blog. Here are the latest questions:

Q: Dark Intrigue was awesome! (I’m not a beer drinker!) Can someone help me out? My vegetarian cousin wants to know if Storm King is made using isinglass. Apparently her iPhone app “Barnivore” says it is not, but the data is from 2006. Cheers! – Bob S.
“Barnivore” is correct! We don’t use isinglass in our brewing process. Our beers are vegan-friendly. Cheers to you and your cousin.

Q: I noticed that two of your beers share names from “A Song of Ice and Fire” in the Game of Thrones book series – Storm King and Mad King. The books started coming out in the ’90s, so I thought maybe the characters were an inspiration or something. Is that just a coincidence? – Jeremy S.
A: It is totally coincidence. Storm King’s label explains that the name was inspired by the power of storms, “Emerging from the deepest shades of darkness, a rolling crescendo of flavors burst forth from this robust stout.” The Mad King’s Weiss is named for Bavaria’s fabled King Ludwig, who was said to be mad. It was named after madness because the brewers approached a traditionally German-styled hefeweizen with a yeast from Belgium and far more hops than normally go in the brew.

Q: Do you have any corn or corn byproducts in your beer? – A. Maize
A: The only Victory beer that has corn added is our Throwback Lager. This is a pre-prohibition style lager that is only available on draft in the spring at our brewpub. All other Victory beers are made with barley or wheat malt. We do add dextrose, which is corn sugar, to some of our beers (Golden Monkey, Hop Wallop, Sunrise Weissbier, Yakima Glory and Storm King).  This sugar shouldn’t impact allergies because its constituents are broken down during fermentation at the brewery, but if you have an allergy we recommend checking with your doctor before drinking the beers we mentioned above.

Q: Why doesn’t Victory bottle Donnybrook Stout?
A: Donnybrook is one of those beers that is much better on draft. It’s so deliciously drinkable because of its nitrogenation, and we do not have the bottling or canning equipment to keep the nitrogen in solution in a can or bottle. So use our beerfinder and find it on draft near you.

Q: A while back I had a beer that flat-out turned my beer world upside down. Until recently, the only tripels I have really enjoyed have been the traditional Belgian tripels, but that was before I accidentally ordered a Tettnanger Tripel at Victory. Is there any plan to make this again? It completely blew me away!
A: Tettnanger Tripel was a beer brewed especially for the Craft Brewers Conference, which happens each spring. CBC beer styles are determined by Braumeister Eric Toft, a friend of Ron and Bill, working with the German Hop Growers Association.  The idea behind the CBC beers is to showcase classic and new varieties of German hops in a broad range of beer styles. We may brew Tettnanger Tripel again, but it is not on the schedule for 2012. Until then, we suggest trying Golden Monkey, which is a tripel brewed entirely with Tettnang hops, so such a beer is always available.  The recipe is different, but the style is the same.

4 Responses to You Ask, We Answer

  1. Patrick December 27, 2011 at 10:08 PM #

    You continue to thrill us with your stellar brews. My wife and I frequent the brewery about once a month. We love all of the selections! Headwaters is incredible. The Ranch S IPA…when can we get it in bottles or kegs? We brought home the Smokin’ Oats; it’s a perfect fit to the cold evenings. Keep up the great work!

  2. Kevin January 3, 2012 at 12:31 PM #

    Can you please provide the proper PSI & Temperature settings for Victory Beers in a home Kegerator. Prima Pils & Hop Devil are the ones I am most interested in. Thanks!

  3. Dick January 9, 2012 at 11:14 PM #

    I fell in love with Saison du Buff in Summer of 2010 when it was made in collaboration with 2 other breweries. Do you plan on making it again?

  4. Qa Program September 6, 2012 at 7:10 PM #

    Thanks for the article and hope to read from you again. Two things I like about the post, one it is straight forward and two it does not attempt to promote anyone’s position particularly. Great job Victory.

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