17-Syllable Success!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, we’re sharing the love by announcing the winner of our winter Inspired by Victory contest.

You chose a winner
The Last Malts” claims Victory!
with forty-nine votes.

You have spoken — or typed, — and based on all of the comments, one haiku seemed to be the most inspirational. Clocking in with more than double the comments of any other 17-syllable submission, “The Last Malts” has claimed victory!

Our favorite comment in favor of this poem was from the eloquent Michael who wrote: This poem made me thirsty, then weep, then pee my pants. Now, that’s high praise! Other stand-out comments supporting Steve Krementz’s work include:

Beneath the froth of these tender lines, one finds a deep empathy with the entirety of the human experience. Mr. Krementz deserves more than to just be declared the victor of this contest, I believe he should be made poet laureate of the United States – perhaps the western hemisphere.

Any Haiku that can inlist (sic) the word “Huzzah” gets my vote. Superb!!

In order to rack up 49 comments in support of his haiku, Steve surely had some loyal friends and family submitting comments on his behalf. Like the time-honored tradition where the popular kid gets the most votes, Mr. Krementz used his cool status to secure the win. Kudos! $50 and some Victory goodies will be on their way to you shortly.

Honorable mentions include:
Beer Traveler” from Brian Altschul, with 24 comments.
Prima Prose” from Sherri L Clyman, with 21 comments.
Have Your Beer and Drink it Too” from Maddy Weber, with 20 comments.
Malty Marriage” from Peter Cunniffe, with 16 votes.
And the one that gave our voting panel the most giggles (despite only garnering one vote), “Reviewer Lingo” from John Blatz.

Thank you all for being Inspired by Victory and for making this contest our most successful so far. We’ll announce our next Inspired contest in April, so get ready for your next chance to win.

To enjoy all of the inspired submissions check out our contest page.

One Response to 17-Syllable Success!

  1. Steve Krementz February 14, 2012 at 2:01 PM #

    Dearest Constituents and Victory Brewing Company,

    Thank you for this great honor. I am humbled and grateful to all of my friends and family who so graciously, and humorously, offered their support.

    This contest was a lot of fun and certainly inspired a tremendous amount of outstanding haikus! Thank you, Victory!


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