Terroir of Innovation

The term Terroir comes from the French word terre, meaning “land.” The brewery here in Downingtown, has become a land of creativity and experimentation as we create the beers you know and love. In fact, you might consider the brewery to be a “Terroir” of Innovation.

Why are we providing you with a vocabulary lesson today? Well, the term has been floating around our offices for a few months now as we crafted a some distinctive batches of beers and planned a rare event: Terroir des Tettnangs. This concept featured variations of our Braumeister Pils recipe, brewed with the Tettnang hop variety, all grown in the German district of Tettnang. The only variable between each of the 5 Braumesiter Pils brewed in this experiment was the specific field in which the hops were grown. Terroir des Tettnangs: the geography of Tettnang.

Brewmaster, Ron Barchet, travels to Germany every year for the hop harvest. There, working with family farmers, he selects the very best whole flower hops for our beers. This year, during his trip to Tettnang, he noticed some variation in the aroma hops from field to field. He wanted to see what impact that slight variation would have on a recipe. So he created an experiment. That experiment came to fruition in the Terroir des Tettnangs.

If you were lucky enough to join us last night for our sold-out event and tasting, you got a chance to discover the differences first-hand and meet the German farmers who grew the flavorful hops. But for those of you who couldn’t make your way here on a random Tuesday night, never fear – our Terroir of Innovation will continue!

We’ve been experimenting with recipes and ingredients for years. In fact, our Braumeister series has been an on-going experiment since 2001, where we source rare hops like French Strissel Spalt, to impact our luscious pilsner recipe. Right now, we have a Braumeister Pils version in the tanks that was brewed with a hop that, until just a few months ago, was considered extinct – Rottenburger

Today, we have five varieties of our Tettnang Braumeister Pils available here in the brewpub. And in the coming months you’ll be able to sample the Rottenburger version. The great news is that this innovative brewing concept is not solely available to our Downingtown neighbors. You can find the latest Braumeister Pils near you using our beerfinder.

As we approach our 16th birthday, creativity in brewing still gets us going. Playing around with hops in the Braumeister Pils series is just one way that we get to experiment and create unique products.

Stay tuned for a similar project involving a double IPA recipe and different hop varieties.

- K.N.


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