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Q: Why wont you bring back Citra Pursuit for a limited brew? I know that Headwaters was a combined brew but that 1 hop is awesome.

A: You’re right about citra. It is one amazing hop variety. During our quest to create the perfect pale ale, the deliciousness of the Citra Pursuit brew was the revelation that led us to the ultimate Headwaters Pale Ale recipe. At this time, we don’t plan to re-brew Citra Pursuit because we completed our pursuit. We found what we were looking for in Headwaters Pale Ale.

Q: When can I buy stock in your company?

A: We are honored that you are interested in investing in our business. But the short answer to your question is: never. We are happy to be a privately held company. It allows us to have more control over our business direction, quality and product line-up. You can buy stock in your own drinking pleasure by purchasing our beers. That’s always a smart investment.

Q: Now that Victory is opening a new facility, do you think you will start canning some of your beers? Have you looked into putting canning equipment in Parkesburg?

A: Right now we are focused on getting the Parkesburg facility up and running to brew beer and keep our products flowing in the market. With that being our number one focus, we haven’t begun investigating the possibility of a canning line. Installing a canning line is not on our current project list, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossibility in the future. We’ll surely address this question again once the beer is flowing from Parkesburg, Pa.

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Q: Why can’t I find Golden Monkey in Hawaii? I have to make special trips back to New York just to get my monkey fix!

A: As someone who enjoys Golden Monkey, we probably don’t have to tell you about what a party animal he is. With that in mind, we don’t trust the Monkey to behave in such a tropical location. All jokes aside, you can’t find Golden Monkey in Hawaii because we don’t currently have distribution in the state. Some day we may expand to send our brews to your glorious home state, but for now we’ll have to let Golden Monkey entice you in the 29 states where we do distribute.

Q: Can I have free beer?

A: Maybe. That all depends on who you are and why you are asking. We get countless requests each week and review each and every one of them personally. Unfortunately, we can’t say yes to everyone, but we try to make the biggest impact possible. In order to have your request reviewed, you must complete a community stewardship form and it must be submitted at least six weeks prior to your pick-up date.

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  1. Tony A August 12, 2012 at 10:07 AM #

    Hi, I am a big fan of Summer Love. Is it considered a Kolsch style Ale?

    • marie April 15, 2014 at 1:45 PM #

      I love golden monkey too! Oh wait, summer love I mean. Great name…

  2. Qa Program September 11, 2012 at 4:10 PM #

    Thanks for your sharing. You efforts putting this blog together was worth the while. Thank you for the article Victory.

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