The Most Underrated Ingredient: Water

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“That beer has a great hop finish.”

“Check out the slight orange hue from the caramel malt.”

“Wow, impressive citrus hop aroma!”

“Notice the mild nuttiness from the malted barley at the start.”

Spend any time at our bar or with any craft beer-lover and you’ll likely hear some commentary like the above. But have you ever heard someone proclaim, “the water is really giving this beer a great edge.” Doubtful.

As a brewery that is proud of our quality flavors, the last thing we’d want to hear our beer called is “watery.” And it most definitely is anything but watery. That said, we do place huge value on this vital resource. In fact, quality water is so important to us, that it was a major consideration as we chose our expansion site in Parkesburg.

Thanks to the purity of the water flowing into our brewery, we are able to craft the recipes that you know and love. Fun fact: the mineral content of the water from the East and West branches of the Brandywine Creek is nearly identical to the water in Bavaria.

Our appreciation of our local watershed led us to name our Headwaters Pale Ale and to establish a Headwaters Grant. With the help of our grant recipients and our Headwaters labels, we hope to educate and inspire individuals to take ownership in keeping water clean.

Recently, Headwaters Grant recipient, The Guardians of the Brandywine, used grant funds to host an educational session on stream monitoring in order to assess the heath of the Brandywine Creek. With the knowledge participants gained, The Guardians of the Brandywine learned that the stream is in excellent condition and now know how to continue monitoring it to maintain its health.

Take a look at what they learned:

It is our hope that you will enjoy our refreshing Headwaters Pale Ale and be invigorated to do your part to support the most underrated beer ingredient and one of the most vital natural resources.


2 Responses to The Most Underrated Ingredient: Water

  1. Andy July 25, 2012 at 1:41 PM #

    I love you guys and all of your beers dearly, but you really can stop talking about the water already. We get it. Let’s talk about some new beers being added to the bottle lineup…I’m looking at you Ranch.

    hello & love

  2. PM August 2, 2012 at 3:06 PM #

    It’s cool to see that you’re using this beer to give back!

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