Claiming Victory

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) officially begins today with nearly 50,000 beer enthusiasts descending on Denver to experience some of the country’s most delicious beer, including Victory favorites HopDevil IPA, Headwaters Pale Ale, Prima Pils and Ranch Double IPA.

The 2013 GABF tickets sold out in record time, confirming our sneaking suspicion that craft beer is, in fact, taking over the world, with beer lovers from far and wide seeking to replace beer-flavored beverages with the better, truer and more flavorful form to which we pledge our efforts.  And these fans are not only thirsty, they are informed.

As judging gets underway at GABF, we are reminded that attention to quality, authenticity and creativity in beer flavor and styles still reign supreme in the craft beer industry.  And our fans’ fervor for this reality is something for which we here at Victory are very proud.

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Throughout the year, there are many festivals that celebrate this dedication to excellence through the spirit of competition. In one notable and recent competition, the United States Beer Tasting Championship (USBTC), Victory lived up to its name, and was the only brewery named Grand Champion for Summer 2013 in more than one style, being recognized for our Headwaters Pale Ale and Prima Pils.

Taking a regional approach, the USBTC identifies the top beer in each category across six U.S. regions, then judges each region against each other to declare a Grand Champion.  This unique and fan-friendly approach truly helps inform the public on which beers are best in each category, including those brews that they have the greatest chance of finding locally.

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The judges—who consist of certified beer judges, award winning homebrewers, commercial brewers and craft beer aficionados—conduct a blind taste test, as well as a series of field trials with the top brews advancing to the next round, until the regional and national champions are crowned.   Taking a “hedonistic” approach, each beer is judged on the overall pleasure the beer provides through its aroma, taste, complexity and flavor integration, a methodology that promotes the creativity for which American brewers are known and beer-lovers appreciate.  And though not garnering as many headlines as festivals like GABF, the USBTC falls within the top three festivals in the U.S., based on the number of entries per year.

Over the years, Victory has had the honor and distinction of making it to the top of the list quite a few times. Click here to see our brews that have been Victorious throughout the years.

To learn more about the USBTC and view the complete list of winners for the Summer 2013, click here.


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