Quest for The People’s Pepper: 2014 Chili Challenge

Heading into our 18th year of operations here at Victory it is hard to grasp all of the blood, sweat and tears that we’ve witnessed in bringing Victory to the level it is at now.

But just yesterday, at our 12 Annual Chili Challenge, the tears that flowed were of joy and mirth, the sweat from chili-making and chili-chowing.

Chili Challenge was, for me, a perfect snapshot of what Victory is and has always been. In order for you to understand what I mean, let me break down what Chili Challenge entailed to execute.

First, it required sportsmanship. Our staff divided into volunteer teams, 21 of them, who each agreed on a recipe to present.

With recipes submitted, our culinary team had to order in all of the ingredients, some of them fairly obscure and difficult to source (so, I brought my own Home Sweet Homegrown smoked garlic and smoked Scotch bonnet peppers). Then they had to schedule out their kitchen and valuable time to us novices. Imagine lots of hand-holding and trash-talking and you have a pretty clear picture of the general vibe of our kitchen as chilis were being cooked by teams of staff from all departments.

Then comes our front-of-the-house’s turn to shine as we swing the doors open to 4 hours of free chili sampling. This is no normal day for anyone on our service team, many of whom went right out of their Chili Challenge costumes and into their service uniforms to work the evening shift.

Let’s circle back to that ‘costume’ thing just mentioned… as that may be the part that screams ‘VICTORY’ most. Provided for your delight are some pictures of many of us as contestants. The expression we are capable as individuals, whether through chili, chili names or theatrical concepts, is the true collective power of Victory. THIS is the power that has driven Victory through 17 years.

We are so glad that you enjoy our expressions and that you choose to support us.

Looking forward to the next 17, – Bill & Ron





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