5 Victory Beer-Infused Products You Need to Try

What if you could enjoy the best of Victory Brewing Company’s beers in non-alcoholic glory?

Yes, you read thatright: the beers you love have been transformed into inspired and delicious food items, and we’re just dying for you to take a bite.

Beer-Infused Ice Cream

Chalk it up to our focus on waste not, want not environmental sustainability (or to our love of a great ice cream): the newest pints you’ll want to grab start with wort, the flavorful, non-alcoholic liquid that comes from brewing malted barley with fresh Brandywine water. We’ve been using this precious liquid to make ice cream in our brewpub for years; now it’s rocking shelves in our retail store and at our gourmet food friends’ shops (Kimberton Whole Foods, Shady Brook Farm, Di Bruno Bros. Rittenhouse, Essene Market & Cafe and Lou’s Farm Mart) so it can take its place of honor in your freezer.


Curious what kind of boozy, icy scoops you can now spoon right into? We’re offering gourmet ice cream based on some of our most popular beers:

  • Hopped-Up Devil: Your first beige spoonful brings cinnamon-coffee wrapped in a creamy HopDevil IPA wort confection. Your next mouthful highlights chocolate flakes and then—bonus—just the right amount of cayenne heat. Sweet and savory, Hopped-Up Devil will leave you wanting more.
  • Storm Drop: Admit it: as a kid, you loved malted milk balls. Now you—and your kids—can enjoy tastes of that yesteryear treat when Storm King Imperial Stout wort meets chocolate drops in this rich ice cream. Each luscious spoonful explodes with double chocolatey goodness and finishes with satisfying stouty malt. On second thought, maybe you’ll want to hide this pint from the kids.

  • Triple Monkey: Our Golden Monkey has been called mysterious, and its wort is just as mystical. It’s a party on your taste buds when the wort meets fresh banana and a very nutty pecan swirl. This ice cream is just-right sweet with a pecan crunch: that’s no mystery! Grab another spoon and dig into this dreamy dessert.

Our ice cream repertoire doesn’t stop there. Keep an eye on our menu for seasonal ice creams too. Our summer staples are Prima Colada (coconut and Prima Pils wort with a hint of lime) and Summer Love Strawberry Shortcake (strawberries and Summer Love wort with cheesecake bits). Stay tuned to see what creamy, seasonal renditions fall has to offer.

But wait…there’s more. We’re collaborating with creative artisans who marry Victory craft beer with savory delights. Your fridge and pantry will be ecstatic to hear the news.


Pint Pickles Nina Lea Photography
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Prima-Fermented Pickles

Thanks to a partnership with Crisp & Co. of Hockessin, Del., the humble cucumber has been transformed into PintPickles. Victory’s German-style Prima Pils takes center stage, along with herbs and spices commonly used in German cooking plus a unique vinegar to bring it all together. The crispy, crunchy pickle chips have a distinct bite that comes from the two chilies used in the flavor-packed brine. This ain’t your grandma’s dill pickle: this is a kicked-up version that your favorite sandwiches long to sit beside.

Pair the snappy pickles on a cheese board, perhaps with a wedge of Prima Donna or Beemster Aged Gouda, and all your friends will thank you.

Pint Pickles will initially be available in our retail store and regionally where Crisp & Co. products are sold, including Di Bruno Bros. (Rittenhouse, The Franklin, Ardmore and 9th Street locations), Terrain (Glen Mills, Pa., and West Port, Conn.), Talula’s Table, Talula’s Daily, American Plant (Bethesda, Md.), Harvest Market (Hockessin, Del.) and Janssen’s Market (Greenville, Del.). More outlets will be added as production ramps up.

Victorious BIG 2 Nina Lea Photography
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Storm King-Accented Jerky

It’s not notorious—yet—but if the “chief trafficking officer” has his way, Victorious B.I.G. will be pushed on every jerky-loving street corner in Chester County and beyond. Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel has crafted a savory—with a hint of sweet—chew with Storm King Stout wort, local Black Angus beef and absolutely the right spices. It’s a hearty jerky, a good nosh that leaves you with a mash-up of black pepper, paprika, a hint of molasses and the wort’s espresso notes. You’ll be lucky if the pouch makes it to the car before you devour it.

Victorious B.I.G. is available at our retail store,www.righteousfelon.com, Di Bruno Bros., Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal, MilkBoy Philadelphia, Kimberton Whole Foods, Bottle Bar East, The Foodery(s) and a growing list of other fine retailers.

More Beer Collabs to Come

We’ll continue to tantalize your taste buds with beer-inspired gourmet cheese spreads made in conjunction with Key Ingredient Market of Bath, Pa.; other ice creams anchored by our delicious worts; and, well, who knows? The possibilities are endless for our craft beer collaborations.

Join Us in a Taste-Test

Dying to try all of the above? We love rewarding our beer friends, so much so that we’re hosting an upcoming food tasting in-house, at our brewpub, to showcase all our collaboration products—and allow you to sample every last one. Be sure to join us for the tasting on Friday, Sept. 12, 4–6 p.m.


About Victory Brewing Company

Victory Brewing Company, founded by childhood friends Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, is headquartered in Downingtown, Pa. In addition to the original Downingtown brewery and brewpub, Victory recently opened a second state-of-the-art brewery in Parkesburg, Pa., which you can visit by booking your tour here. Score more details about visiting Victory at our brewpub and shopping our retail store. To learn even more about Victory Brewing Company, visit our About Us page.

Content provided by Dish Works author Nina Malone. Photography provided by Nina Lea Photography.


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