Cycling to Victory?

Mayor Nutter and Bill Covaleski

Another sunny June Sunday and another world-class bike race. Man, we are fortunate.

It took more work than ever to pull off this year’s TD North Philadelphia International Cycling Championship due to budget constraints, but many pitched in. I am proud to say that we contributed our greatest asset, delicious beer, to become the official beer of the race.

I also got to thank Mayor Nutter, first-hand, for . . .

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Victory Brewing Founders Named Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Finalists

Aren’t Press Releases great?
We know that Blogs are supposed to be more than just another outlet for traditional ‘push’ media. They’re supposed to be about conversation and transparency, etc. Well, yeah, we believe that to be true, but the problem is that we have this really cool Press Release about Bill and Ron that we had written up and we thought it would be silly not to at least give you the option of reading it ;-) So if you’re not too offended by this blatant breach of ‘social media’ etiquette, feel free to read our big news and let us know what you think:

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Are you pedaling to Victory?

Want to join Bill on Champions Row on Sunday? Hang out near the Winner’s Circle, get a chance to watch the 3rd lap climb on The Wall and enjoy a special VIP buffet and an open Victory beer tap. We have one VIP pass for the person who gives us the best tagline for the brand-new Victory beer blog. Either leave your idea in the comments below or Tweet us @victorybeer before noon (EST) on Saturday, June 6th.
Mention the words “bike race” to anyone in the Philadelphia area and their response is not just any bike race, it is THE bike race. Brightly clad riders spinning by at break-neck speeds or pedaling valiantly up the Manayunk Wall as they traverse the Philadelphia International Championship pro cycling tour course. This is the

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Two words . . . sounds like . . .

@TheBrewNote We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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We Need You to Vote Victory!

Wow, on the same day we learned that the New York Times chose Prima Pils as the best pilsner they could find, we also find ourselves pitted against the upstart Philadelphia Brewing Company in a contest for Philadelphia’s “Golden Local” hosted by NBC Philadelphia. Now, we are confident that our Philly area fans will recognize […]

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Why does The New York Times think the Yankees need Victory?


The Victory Prima Pils, which was our No. 1 pilsner four years ago, again came in on top. It seemed to be alive in the glass, with wonderfully refreshing bitterness to balance the floral and citrus aromas.

According to Eric Asimov’s latest article in the The New York Times, our bat buddies up the Jersey Turnpike have a very serious and immediate problem (besides facing our Phillies). They don’t have . . .

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High Quality H20 and the source of Victory

beautiful image courtesy of Tom DavisIn January the creek was in no mood for intruders. Heavily iced, it hissed its brittle protest as I moved out deeper into the stream, further stirring its peace and fleeting dreams of sanctity. The East Branch of the Brandywine Creek was under siege, but it was not me who was its adversary.

Within my view was the silent site where plans for a 180 room resort hotel taunted and menaced the creek. Seven miles south of me, and much closer to our brewery, plans were moving forward to divert the creek, rip its existing bed open, and strip vegetation from the Ludwigs Run tributary, all to lay a larger gas transmission line in. But under the dark winter sky and these portent circumstances, I managed a smile for the photographer who was covering the article on the Brandywine Valley Association, the creek’s friend and protector. It was a smile born of hope.

Here in April, hope is abundant as rains and enthusiastic anglers have brought vitality back to the stream. And the siege is no longer so lop-sided. The Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection has

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European Tradition.


American Ingenuity.

The Victory Brewing Story

The story of Victory Brewing Company starts on a school bus in 1973 when fifth-graders Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski stepped aboard, on their way to a new school. The two became fast friends and remained so, even as they grew up and went to college on opposite coasts. Just months out of college, Bill’s appreciation of good beer and access to his father’s home brewing equipment inspired him to explore the hobby. That same year (1985), Bill gave Ron a home brewing kit as a Christmas gift. With that, both Bill and Ron developed their love of the craft…
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