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Victory Wears a Mustache

At Victory, we love mustaches. They’re distinguished. They’re a little creepy. And they make a statement. During the month of November, sporting a ‘stache is about more than keeping your upper lip warm. It represents a commitment to a larger cause… We salute all of the MoBros rocking a ‘stache this November. Cheers to you.

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17-Syllable Success!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, we’re sharing the love by announcing the winner of our winter Inspired by Victory contest. You chose a winner “The Last Malts” claims Victory! with forty-nine votes. You have spoken — or typed, — and based on all of the comments, one haiku seemed to be the most inspirational. Clocking in […]

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Updated: Long Movember

It’s been a long Movember and there’s reason to believe Maybe this year we’ll raise more money than the last We can’t remember the last time your face wasn’t skeevin’ Oh your moustache has grown so fast… *Sung to the tune of Long December by the Counting Crows* Staffers at Victory Brewing Company put their […]

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Carving out the Rules

We get pretty excited about the Inspired by Victory contests here at the Victory offices. So when the first entry in the pumpkin carving contest came in last week, a group of us gathered ’round the computer and waited with baited breath while the photos from a Victory fan named Josh loaded. Would it be […]

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Let Your Freak Flags Fly

The restored 1996 HopDevil shirt returns Jan. 15 for a limited time. This one’s for Jerry. And everyone like myself and Jerry who already has one of these shirts. But it was Jerry who first brought the idea up, so like our Jerk Grinder that he also loves so much, we must see this shirt […]

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Victory’s First-Ever Commercial

Well, it had to happen someday . . . see the first Victory Brewing Company commercial now! Using only friends, family and brewery employees we put together what will go down in history as the first ever Victory Commercial. Why? Well, we just recently created what quite possibly could be the coolest ‘Adult Ice Cream […]

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Respect The Monkey, Mr. Grinch

Respect The Monkey, Mr. Grinch Many of us realize that the Golden Monkey has been known to incite silliness. But nothing acts sillier than kids with Christmas approaching. So playing around with one of our more favorite Christmas toys at home, Mr. Grinch, I was inspired to engage his acting talents for a silly scene. […]

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Please . . . Drive Responsibly?

Special thanks to our friend Heather Karl Hufnagel for the amazing picture. If you’ve got a unique Victory Image you’d like to share, please share with all the Victory fans on Flickr and Facebook. What do you think?

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HopDevil is the Official Beer of the The Big 10

Since 1999, Victory has sponsored The Big 10 Inch Air Cannon Pumpkin Chucker Team. (Yes, it is exactly that… a cannon that shoots pumpkins.) The two-time world champion team has the pre-launch tradition of ‘christening’ pumpkins with Victory’s HopDevil Ale. On November 1st in Moab, Utah, The Big 10 Inch set a new Guinness World […]

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:15 of Victory in California

Pennsylvania born Andy Warhol claimed that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”Reality TV has brought us closer to his premonition but at our hyper-kinetic pace no one can really be afforded an overly generous fifteen minutes, now. So we at Victory are offering our audience their 15 Seconds of Victory. Fifteen […]

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European Tradition.


American Ingenuity.

The Victory Brewing Story

The story of Victory Brewing Company starts on a school bus in 1973 when fifth-graders Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski stepped aboard, on their way to a new school. The two became fast friends and remained so, even as they grew up and went to college on opposite coasts. Just months out of college, Bill’s appreciation of good beer and access to his father’s home brewing equipment inspired him to explore the hobby. That same year (1985), Bill gave Ron a home brewing kit as a Christmas gift. With that, both Bill and Ron developed their love of the craft…
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