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Updated on December 6, 2013


A big congrats goes out to all of our creative fans for inspiring us with their witty responses in our latest contest! It was difficult to pick our favorite captions, but after much deliberation (read: a couple of beers), we are confident we picked the very best ones!



All caption winners should look for an email from the Victory team the week of December 9.



It’s hard to believe that another summer has passed and that October is again upon us (especially because it’s sunny and on its way up to 80 degrees here in Downingtown, Pa. as we post this).  But the proof is all around us–in the vivid colors that are beginning to fill our skylines; the uncertain flicker of the streetlights as dusk falls earlier; and the familiar sight of neighborhood kiddos enjoying the downtime provided by the school bus ride to and from another day of learning.  Yup, it’s confirmed:  fall is, in fact, here in full force.



For many, this time of year is met with excitement and anticipation of all sorts—the return of pro football and hockey, freshly raked leaves, freshly baked pie, pumpkin-spiced everything (sans beer), sweaters, new episodes of The Walking Dead, the holidays, and yes, for many parents, watching their kids board that very same school bus after a long summer at home …


But for us here at Victory, this time of year reminds us of our roots and the importance of friendships forged while savoring both the safety and freedom found within the confines of the most stylish ride to school, the bus.  After all, it was on a school bus, now 40 years ago this fall, that Bill and Ron’s friendship was formed.


And what’s the best way to remember the past?  Old photos, of course.


So for our next Inspired by Victory challenge, we want you to dazzle us with your humor, your wit and most of all, your love of Victory beer and the spirit of friendship that is both the cause, and result, of its creation, by providing photo captions for the ten, of what we would call,  “oldie, but freakin’ awesome-ie ” photos below.  Best caption for each photo wins!


Here are the rules:

- Use the form below to submit your best captions for whichever photos below, inspire you.  Captions for multiple photos are allowed; multiple captions for the same photo are not.  Think hard and give us the best of what you got!

- Keep it PG.  Rules require you be at least 21 to enjoy our beer, but we want to share the best captions on the worldwide web, accessible by all, so please keep it mostly appropriate. And yes, we will be screening.

- Contest runs through November 8, so be sure to submit your entry before then.  One  entry per email address.

- Have fun. Be creative. Be inspired.  The captions that impress us the most will be featured via our social media channels through the duration of the contest.  All ten winners will be posted on


Contest Entries

We are currently accepting entries and they will be posted soon.

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