Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest

Summer is hot. August is really hot. Most of us spend this month donning shorts, flip-flops and little in between.

Sadly, our pets are not as lucky.

Therefore, this month, we at Victory would like to stand in solidarity beside man’s best furry friends. Personally, we’re staying cool with our favorite canine, DirtWolf. Send us a picture of your favorite pup beating the heat.

A panel of “well-trained” and “certified” judges here at Victory will pick which pooch wins our hearts over and is most deserving of the big W in our Dog Days Photo Contest. Their owner will receive a Victory gift certificate and they’ll get their very own Victory branded collar! They may be warm this summer, but at least they’ll look cool.


Email us a picture of your dog before the end of August, (along with your name, age, phone number, as well as your dog’s name and mailing address) to with the subject “Dog Days of Summer.”

Just like with our other contests, we will post the entries online and ask you for your input in the form of comments. The commenting period will begin when the photos are posted on 9/2/14 and will close on 9/11/14. Our judges will consider those comments when choosing a winner. The winning dog will receive a Victory branded collar, as well as a gift certificate (since dog’s can’t drive nor use computers, you can use the gift certificate). We will announce the winner on Monday, September 15.


  1. There has to be a dog in the photo (sorry cat people, maybe next time).
  2. Also, Victory has to be incorporated somewhere in there – whether it be our beer, our merchandise, or the dog doing something especially victorious.
  3. Try to send us a high-resolution image. Even if you’re the Jerry Uelsmann of canine photography, if the picture is low resolution, it’ll make us sad. Pixelated sad.
  4. Awe-inspiring titles of your photographs are not required, but definitely can influence the judges.
  5. Please don’t give your dog beer. We know our beers are oh-so-tasty, but we ask that only humans consume our beverages.
  6. Have fun.
  7. Stay cool.

View the Official Rules Here.

Contest Entries

We are currently accepting entries and they will be posted soon.

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