At Victory Brewing Company, we love distinctive, full-flavored beer and delicious, chef-inspired food. We are proud to feature products created by our own chefs and to support and collaborate with local artisan food brands.

Ice Creams

Our beer-inspired, wort-infused ice creams combine all natural ingredients and rich, creamy, locally sourced milk to create unique flavors that will tickle your sweet tooth.

Cheddar Spreads

These beer-infused, hand-crafted cheddar spreads merge specialty Wisconsin cheddar with Victory beer and fresh ingredients, creating both simple and complex flavors to please any palate.

More Beer Infused Treats

We are proud to collaborate with and support local artisan food brands. These unique products feature Victory beer and/or wort and are crafted in small batches by our knowledgable partners.

European Tradition.


American Ingenuity.

The Victory Taproom Experience

We at Victory Brewing Company feel very fortunate to be a part of our community. We see thousands of satisfied customers every week. These people are our friends, neighbors and fellow beer enthusiasts. The quality of our beer, our commitment to scratch cooking and support of our local economy have created a dedicated following of fans. We derive great satisfaction from watching families with young children grow within the walls of our pub. We hope that you will continue to support Victory Brewing Company, our beers, products and services in our restaurant for many years to come.

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